Autumn Harmony (For My Pain cover) by FØRSWØR†H

FØRSWØR†H present a hauntingly beautiful creation in the song Autumn Harmony. This is a cover of the same titled song by the Finnish Metal band, For My Pain. Unlike the original, this song has a soothing and somber tone that snares the listener's attention with its own unique elegance.

The approach that FØRSWØR†H presents in their music is not for popularity or money, but for the sheer love of the creation in the music that they make. It is something that shows in depth with each song that they create. Autumn Harmony shows this quality in perfect clarity. The song shows the talent and love in making the songs that they make for those that take the time to experience their own creative vision. Hopefully you take the time to listen to the player below and enjoy this version of Autumn Harmony.

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