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April Fool's by AM Tierpark

" Am Tierpark only rarely cover other artists but these five covers mean a lot to us since they all mark special occasions in the life of Am Tierpark. "

" "I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)" was the first track Larsen and Mirland ever collaborated on and "Flesh for Fantasy" was the second. The tracks "Turbo Lover", "Cat People" and "She Sells Sanctuary" were all tryouts for converting the classic rock track into early 80s hi-nrg /italo. "

" The April Fools ep as a whole is a celebration of the founding of Læbel - the music label owned by Claus Larsen and John R. Mirland. "

- AM Tierpark

Below you can hear the release, April Fool's by Am Tierpark. If you would like to purchase this EP release, this can be done through the Bandcamp player below for only €4,00.

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Autumn Harmony (For My Pain cover) by FØRSWØR†H
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Corsten's Countdown: Episode 511
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