Alone (Featuring Insight) by Alexis Voice

Insight and Alexis Voice join forces for this special Depeche Mode cover of Alone. The song was immortalized by one of the most prolific bands of the late 1980's and the 1990's in Depeche Mode. Alexis Voice and Insight combine their creative talents to pay a special tribute to this amazing band that helped influence their direction in music.

Both Alexis Voice and Insight have shown over and over their depth in talent. It is truly fitting that they make one of the classic Depeche Mode songs and mold it into their own form as a means of showing thanks to one of the guiding forces in their respective careers. Best of all is that these two artists have decided to share their creation with the world. Listen to their remake of Alone on the Soundcloud player below.

Space Station by Alexis Voice

March 2020: ALexis Voice

Alexis Voice