Windy City by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Dana Sandoval of Apocalyptic Dream Machine presents Windy City as his tribute for a city mired with tragedy. Over February and March of 2016, Livingston, Montana has felt the sting of multiple suicides. To date these numbers are 3 teens and 2 adults that took their lives in this small city that has always shown unity as a community.

As the people of Livingston have drawn together in their mourning from all this loss of life, Dana’s heart was deeply touched. In this moment of darkness he made this song for Apocalyptic Dream Machine in the hopes to be one of the glimmers of light to pay tribute to the love and friendship that was torn from the lives of those that still live. It is his wish that this song can grant some beauty to a tone that is grim to those that have seen loss that none should experience.

In Livingston lives were lost and in Windy City their loss is expressed. As Dana has shown, may all of us have these people in our hearts and may they know they are not alone in this world. We are all connected by our heart strings. When one heart weeps, all hearts weep.

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