Why We Recognize GEWC

The German Electronic WebCharts (GEWC) is a music chart that focuses mainly on music in the Electronic world, with a strong focus on music found in a framework that covers Synthpop to Industrial music. This set of genres places attention on artists that have had releases within the past three months.

There are many factors that the GEWC uses in their ranking system. These can range from voting on a number of sites, the number of listens on others, and the purchases of the albums. This combination is meant to place more control on the ranking in the hands of the fans and less on other factors. This method has shown a level of respect in the music community for how it places value on the new releases. It has shown a greater level of accuracy in the ranking of the top new songs and albums in the music world.

GEWC is one of music charts that is checked by the Music Eternal staff as many of the members of the Music Eternal family fall into the family of genres that this web chart uses. The fact that they use third parties to help determine the rankings of the songs and albums shows a greater level of unbias. It is the fans that have the value in how the artists' works are appreciated and we appreciate this method that the German Electron WebCharts present.

Music Eternal will continue to expand to using other charts. How they work and why we use them will be explained just as we have here presented the GEWC.

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