Video Playlist To Filter's Crazy Eyes

Have you purchased your copy of Crazy Eyes by Filter? Are you timid because their music is heading in a different direction than you are used to? All of these are valid points considering that they are heading back to their roots in music and if you haven't heard Crazy Eyes you may not know what this means in terms of the new music.

The video above is a playlist of all the Filter tracks found on Crazy Eyes. Now you can hear what is in store for you and can make a choice if this is an album for your music collection. As you hear the tracks you will quickly find that Filter returning to their roots is not a bad thing and it is a well they should have tapped into earlier. The music presents the talents and the expansive background that Richard Patrick draws from. It is these foundations that are closest to the heart and show the true connection that the front man of Filter has in music.

Take the time to hear all the tracks above from Crazy Eyes. If you like the more aggressive style in Industrial music that Filter so well expresses, then there is likely at least a couple of songs in this album you will love. If you find this as the case, click on the widget below to Amazon and get your copy of Filter's Crazy Eyes now.

Happy Together by Filter

reBus by Filter