Upcoming Album, Tin Man Empire by Machines On Blast

Machines On Blast will be releasing their new full length album on January 30th, 2016. This new album, Tin Man Empire will be released through Ingrooves, Universal Music Group, and THC Music!

The music by Machines On Blast has always had a driving force that has hit the Electronic world with a powerful edge. It is this combination that has made their music a draw that like music with a strong beat and an attitude to give it a personality that is infectious that love music driven with a harder style.

To give you a glimpse into Tin Man Empire, the video below is a promo of the music that Machines On Blast has in store for you. Check it out and in the coming days we will be giving you more additional peeks at this latest album soon to be hitting the world.


Machines on Blast - Tin Man Empire Promo:

The Order by Machines On Blast

Salvation by Machines On Blast

Triple Skull T-Shirt by Machines On Blast