"Uncle" Al For President T-Shirt

Envision a nation where the leader tells you like it is. Imagine him showing the world that he doesn’t take B.S. for politicians and speaks his mind in a blunt and honest fashion. It might be enough of a shock to shake the foundations of any nation and force some drastic changes in how things are done. Add in a Commander In Chief that likes the rattle the Oval Office’s windows with Industrial music and you have “Uncle” Al for President.

Ministry presents a t-shirt of “Uncle” Al For President that is sure to get people talking. A man that has shared all he is in music and could do the same for the United States. No games, no lies, and his greatest weapon is his music.

Some may wonder if this is a real bid or not. Even more will wonder what the United States and the world would be like with an intelligent free thinker like Al Jourgensen in office. Regardless of his motivations, this will truly be a shirt that everyone will want. Be part of the real or fictional campaign trail of “Uncle” Al and show you support with this amazing unisex t-shirt.

No matter what Al Jourgensen of Ministry plans on doing, his Uncle Al For President t-shirt is truly one of the items that any avid fan should have. Click here to get your own for $25.00 US dollars. They are 100% soft cotton, black, pre-shrunk, and 100% “Uncle” Al approved.

Politicians may be viewed by many as untrustworthy, but we all can take this shirt as a what if “Uncle” Al did become President. It would be an interesting time for a world that would have one of the great visionaries in music today.

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