Time Capsule 1980-2015: Capsule EP by The Neon Judgement

The Neon Judgement has an album you will not want to miss. Everyone loves one good album, but they have a compilation of their music in the form of their release, Time Capsule 1980-2015: Capsule EP. This is a digital release that shows all the best qualities that make this a band that countless love and why their songs are beloved.

The Capsule EP brings many facets of Electronic music in a way that only the Neon Judgement is able to. From the hard hitting instrumentation of Human Fly to their haunting rendition of Venus In Furs, you will get a variety of music that any true lover of music will enjoy.

Two of the songs on this EP are available below for you to listen to and get a good feel of the music that The Neon Judgement has created. If you would like to get your own digital copy of Time Capsule 1980-2015: Capsule EP, it is available on iTunes ( click here) and Dancedelicd ( click here).

The tracks on Time Capsule 1980-2015: Capsule EP are:
1. Kashmir
2. Suzie Q
3. Venus In Furs
4. Hot Love
5. Human Fly
6. Rock & Roll
7. Gimme Some Lovin

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