These Fleeting Moments Kickstarter Project

Black Tape For A Blue Girl have a Kickstarter project that they would love to have all their fans involved in. This will be a projecft to get the funding so that they can release a standard release and two special deluxe releases of this upcoming album, These Fleeting Moments.

These Fleeting Moments is the latest release to break the 7 year silence since the last release by a Black Tape For A Blue Girl. This album has some special elements including the original vocalist, Oscar, returning after a 17 years absense. His powerful vocals will be joined by his daughter Dani in a number of the songs. In addition, Nick plays viola, Brian is on drums, and Sam Rosenthal will be covering duties on a number of other instruments.

Black Tape For A Blue Girl has been one of the cherished projects in music for Sam Rosenthal along with Project Records. These Fleeting Moments has been written by Sam and draws from many of the foundation elements that made Black Tape For A Blue Girl a fan favorite. Sam has stated that this latest album will be drawing from the Ehtereal, Dark Wave, and Neo-Classical sounds that many have loved in the past albums. If you watch the video above you can get a small glimpse into this album and will hear from Sam himself what this album means to those that will be part of the Kickstarter project.

The Kickstarter project for These Fleeting Moments has a goal of $12,000 USD which will apply to all versions of the releases to this album. The project has a due date of June 20th, 2016, and as of the beginning of June they are nearly 75% of the way to their goal. Any donation above $3 will come with special rewards for those that contribute to the project.

Musicians need support and the help through this project that Sam gets for Black Tape For A Blue Girl makes is possible for him to work solely on new works like These Fleeting Moments. He is a true lover of music and it shows in the over abundance of work that he has in all that he does and the limited time to make it all happen. The funding of Kickstarter projects for his band enable him to devote the time and the resources in making these albums for the fans of his music. All that people and time that he has put into These Fleeting Moments reflects how your help matters to Sam and the rewards are his way of saying thank you for making is dream in making music for you a reality. The Kickstarter project for Black Tape On A Blue Girl's These Feelting Moments can be reach by clicking here.

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