Thank You To The Music World

We have a set of individual postings that we need to put out that will be giving humble thanks to four individuals or groups that have helped Music Eternal through our last Kickstarter campaign. To get this site and the business going has been a challenge. Some of this is that we are here for the music world first, then making a profit. The goal has always been to be a resource that the music world can rely on and that has had a series of growing pains.

Before we get those postings out, we do want to thank the music world as a whole. This is to the artists, the supportive labels, the DJs, the venues, the fans, and all others that make it more of a family than a business. Each of you make music special and something that is more than art, it is something that will forever live on in all the parts that make it magical.

Most of all, we want to thank each person that comes to this site. You empower us to strive to be something more for the music world. Your visits to this site give the site value and from our Music Eternal family to you we give our heartfelt thanks.

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