Thank You TONTTU

TONTTU is best known for their unique style in Metal music and their consistent war against the tyranny presented by gnomes. Their war is a theme of their music and in their visual representations. They aspect of them as a musical act has helped create a base for their music that has them touch many areas of Metal music and incorporating Folk into their style of music.

This Finnish band has always made music for the sake of the music itself. They have never changed their style to be popular or to fit into a small box of what is expected by the music world. It is the rebel nature that has made their music leap out from the masses and to show the true artist that is TONTTU. The music is true to their nature and shows their love for their loyal fans.

The war on the gnomes is an aspect that stands out and gives a visual and audio experience that is iconic to what TONTTU and their music is. They state that the music is part of their arsenal against these miniature tyrants and it is this presentation that has added a special flavor to their music. This distinction has been the fuel for many of their songs and has given them an approach to the music they create. Many try to describe music and compare it to others, yet a band like TONTTU makes music that isn’t a representation of an older artist. It is a presentation of this amazing band and their own trail blazing direction in music.

TONTTU has always been an avid supporter of Music Eternal. They have always been one of the music groups that has helped spread the word on the efforts of Music Eternal and what it stands for. It is their support that has been forever appreciated and one of the many reasons that we will never give up on the dream in helping the music world.

When times in the Music Eternal were at one of their lowest points we created a Kickstarter campaign for help. TONTTU rose to the occasion to be there for us. Words may never convey the depth of thanks we feel or the inspiration that TONTTU has given us with their devotion in what we strive for. Thank you TONTTU for being a part of Music Eternal and for showing us what unconditional support truly is.


GNOSTROGOTH (Gnalpha & Gnomega) by TONTTU

Eksistentiaalinen Tonttupelko by TONTTU