Swan by Bruce Allen Oatway

Bruce Allen Oatway has had a career that is long and diverse. It is this path that led him to making his own music and is one of the fundamental inspirations for his music. Reflecting on this path has shown that he has made a number of impressive songs through the course of his career. One of the ones that he has expressed to shed a bit of light on is his song, Swan, from his album Zumaster.

Swan presents elements of Rock and Jazz with its heartfelt beat and expressive lyrics. This is one of the songs that he has made available individually and as part of the album on his Bandcamp account . If you take the time to look at the page for the song (link is in the player below) you can see that he has also added the lyrics to Swan. In doing this he presents another layer of the song that you can see with your eyes as you let your mind wander with the melody presented in this song of his.

Those that have been moved by this song by Bruce Allen Oatway can get it for $0.50 USD ( click here to go to the page where you can purchase). It is a small price to pay if this song lingers in your mind and touches your soul.

Tears In The Rain by Bruce Allen Oatway

Peles Blue by Bruce Allen Oatway

Peles Blue by Bruce Allen Oatway