Sonic Foundation by Helalyn Flowers

Helalyn Flowers recently released their 4th full length album, Sonic Foundation. This album comes in two different formats and we will be focusing on the standard release. This is a full length album that pushes the boundaries of Electronic music in the fashion that is symbolic to Helalyn Flowers.

Sonic Foundation comes off the heels of the amazing duet they did with Chris Pohl of Blutengel and Terminal Choice. This new album continues to show the mastery in melody and how to harmonize it with the gifted vocals of N0emi. This combination has always been heralded by critics and fans alike. Another standard that Helalyn Flowers has always shined in presenting in their music is new directions in music and letting the diverse range of vocals that N0emi has to be the guiding force in this new path.

MaXX and N0emi continue to show why they are a band worthy of being in the limelight. Their music flows with the passion and the love they have in creatively making music that has snared the attention of music lovers and embraced them with all that their music encompasses. Many of their songs fuse the best aspects of Electronic music with aspects of Rock and Metal into a haunting beautiful dynamic in the way it fluidly works with the impressive vocals.

The album may have been released in March 2016, but this is one album you will not want to miss. It shows all beauty in the vision that Helalyn Flowers has in music and gives a special glimpse in where they are taking music.

The standard edition of Sonic Foundation can be purchased for €18,00 (about $20.35 USD). For those that purchase this edition of this latest Helalyn Flowers album will receive it sign by the band as their means of saying thank you for supporting their music. Listen to the track below on the player and you can either purchase this version of Sonic Foundation either through the player or by clicking here to go to the respective Bandcamp page.


Suicidal Birds (Lyric Video) by Helalyn Flowers

Handwritten Lyrics by Helalyn Flowers