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Sonic Foundation Signing

In a world of bold claims, Helalyn Flowers is living up to theirs. Each physical copy of Sonic Foundation that is purchased is signed by both MaXX and N0emi. This is a ton of time and energy that is put into showing how much they care for the support of their fans and those that are purchasing their albums.

Helalyn Flowers are showing their appreciation to the support they get from the fans and this is one of the many things they do to show how much these fans matter to them. It is this kind of consideration that has made Helalyn Flowers one of the pillars in the standards of excellence that bands strive for. This care also shows how they always want to do more than what is required to show how grateful that they are in the love that fans in their music.

Check out the Bandcamp player below to hear some of the music that is part of Sonic Foundation and purchase your autographed copy today!

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