Singapore (Original Mix) by Kolliders

Kolliders have recently released one of their latest tracks, Singapore. This is the Original Mix to Singapore and can be found in two locations for purchase. The first is on the release of Extrema Rising Stars Volume 2 and the second is on theBeatport profile of Kolliders.

In regards to Singapore, Kolliders described it as:
“Like the city, the track "Singapore" is a continuous acceleration. Its hammering beats and driving leads, climax into a rhythmic and harmonic break.

After raising the clock the energizing melody is released and the track then lifted to lofty heights before fading out into time and space”

You can hear the track in the video below and experience this slice of Trance by two of the rising stars out of Austria that are showing a beauty in the music that is unique to their own style. If you do love this song and find that you want to have it in your collection of Electronic music, click here to get the track from Beatport for only $1.99 USD or click here to get the full album Extreme Rising Stars Volume 2 from Extrema Global Music.

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