Preview of Serenada by Anna Aliena

Anna Aliena is set to release her next album, Serenada, on April 15th, 2016. This new album will be classical Croatian songs performed utilizing her masterful skills and stunning vocals. As the promotional trailer above shows, she gives empathy in each song that reflects the beauty of these compositions of Josip Hatze.

Being German means nothing in the rendition of these Croatian masterpieces. Anna Aliena truly shows that a love for music and giving it vitality knows no boundaries of country, language, or era. In her love of these songs we get a vision through music in the beauty that she feels for each piece as she performs these with her voice and her heart. Serenada is one album that truly shows the depth of genius in Josip Hatze in his compositions and in the talent that Anna has in present these songs to the listener.

If you love music and have a soft spot for classical music, Serenada will be an album you will not want to miss. Anna Aliena has always strived to give all she is in her performances and this upcoming release exemplifies this standard.

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