Preview To This Is Where Death Begins by Combichrist

Out Of Line Music is proud to announce the latest album, This Is Where Death Begins, by Combichrist. This album will be following up the charged aggression of their last album, We Love You, with a set of music that will keep you wanting more.

This Is Where Death Begins is 7th full length album by Combichrist. Like the past albums, this one will bring all the best elements of Combichrist into one LP. To ensure this the production of the album will be done by Combichrist front man, Andy Laplegua, and Oumi Kapila of Filter. Having these two involved on every stage of the album will ensure that This Is Where Death Begins should be one of the pilars of any Industrial collection of music.

June 3rd. 2016, is the set date that Out Of Line Music will have This Is Where Death Begins on all major platforms for download and in all available shops. The album will come in four formats: standard release, 2 CD Release, 2 LP+CD release, and a limited 3CD+DVD Fan Box set! This variety for one release will ensure that anyone that loves the aggressive side of music will get the fix that they need.

Hard hitting music that can fill a dance floor is the standard that Combichrist always presents in their music. As you can see in the video above, This Is Where Death Begins, is their next chapter in this standard of music. The latest album will be the prelude to the epic tour that Combichrist will have with Filter, Rabia Sorda, and Lord Of The Lost. This tour will be hitting all the best venues of Europe and will give you a first hand experience of Combichrist performing their latest music live.

One Fire 2LP Vinyl (+Picture LP!) by Combichrist

One Fire 2 CD Edition by Combichrist

Combichrist @ Wacken Open Air 2015