Preview To A Light In The Darkness by Insight

Insight will be releasing a new album, A Light In The Darkness, on May 12th, 2016. This new release will be through ScentAir Records and will have 10 original songs plus 6 remixes. The remixes will be from producers and bands in the Synthpop world of music. This will include musical artists like Cyborgdrive, Techni-ka, Alexis Voice, NeoSynth, In Good Faith and Technique.

ScentAir Records will be releasing both physical CDs and digital releases through their Bandcamp profile. The video above is a preview of all the music that will be on this new release for those that love the fluid melodies that encompass Synthpop. Insight has been one of the hidden gems in this amazing genre and this is your chance to get their latest release on May 12th. Check out the video above to see what Insight has made in this latest release.

A New Day by Insight

Last Goodbye (Nordika Remix) by Insight

Cruel Life by Insight