Pre-Release Of Momento Mori by Last Dusk

Last Dusk present their latest album, Momento Mori, to the Gothic Rock side of music. They have been known as one of the hidden gems of Latin America in the music circles that have a craving for the darker side of music. Their music brings a new and original feel to the music while giving homage to the spirit of the music that sparked this style of music.

The dose of creativity in the spirit that Last Dusk presents is a welcome addition to the music world. Their prior music has captivated all that have had the chance to hear it and experience the music first hand. Now you have a chance to get their latest album for your own experience and to hear one of the innovators that present how the music should be made.

Check out the video above to get a small sample of the music in Momento Mori. The album will be officially released on Halloween of 2016, but you can get your copy reserved and purchased today. If you love Gothic music, then you better hit this fast as Momento Mori is currently only slated to have 300 releases and you don't want to miss out on an album that you will surely like. That will be one regret that any lover of the darker side of music will not want to have, missing out on a rarity before it sets into the night.

To get your copy of Momento Mori, there are a number of methods that can be taken to purchase this latest album by Last Dusk (Paypal, eBay, and through the Kingdom Rock Store). All the information can be found on the album purchase page on Kingdom Rock Store (just click here). We hope you enjoy this amazing music from one of the truly talented acts from South America.

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