Pre-Order Soldier Of Hell Reborn by Subliminal Code

Subliminal Code are now accepting pre-orders for their upcoming album, Soldier Of Hell Reborn. This Electro-Industrial album is slated to be released on November 2nd, 2016 for all those that love good aggressive music with a beat that will not stop.

Starting out in Venezuela, Subliminal Code has quickly gained a global following that spreads to all reaches of the globe. This band has presented an ever growing collection of good music that is perfect for any avid fan of Electro-industrial music. Much of their music has found its way to radios in the virtual world and into the dance clubs that prefer to play pulse pounding good music for their patrons.

Soldier Of Hell Reborn is the next chapter in Subliminal Code venting their creative juices into the Industrial world. Based on the music they have already presented in their previews this album already appears to be a must for any Electro-Industrial collection. Check out the previews to Soldier Of Hell Reborn on the player below!

The Cancer Of The World Is Human Beings by Subliminal Code

The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson Cover) by Subliminal Code

Falsas Promesas by Subliminal Code