On My Own by Snatt and Vix feat Alex Statlari (Kolliders Radio Remix)

Kolliders is an Austrian duo have have given a vitalizing jolt to the Trance music world. In the video above they have expanded their horizons and have shown a new light in where they can take music.

Working with Alex Statlari and Snatt & Vix, Kolliders have created a song with something new that their other music lacks, vocals. It is the vocals and the musical skills in Kolliders that make for a new song that shows a combination of Trance and elements in Dance music that many will love.

Every musician aspires to have music that will be adored by their fans and will spark an emotion. Those that love the music has been released by Kolliders have shown support and adoration to this latest track. The vocals add a new elements that compliments the music skills of Kolliders and shows that their music could never be limited. It also shows the joy in creating music that Kolliders has and how they enjoyed collaborating with the other musicians involved with this song.

Hopefully, On My Own will not be the last song like this which Kolliders will make. They have shown something new in their music and how well they play with others when it comes to making music for the world.

Rome (Original Mix) by Kolliders

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Toluca (Original Mix) by Kolliders