Nanga Parbat by Wolfgang Gsell

One part musician, one part photographer, Wolfgang Gsell always presents a complete package for each of his releases. His release Nanaga Parbat presents the soothing melodies with visuals that compliment each other.

Wolfgang Gsell is a mastermind in Ambient music and in presenting it that shows a depth in beauty as each note lingers in the ears and the heart strings of his listeners. Nanga Parbat is one of his latest releases that shows his talents in weaving the sounds into a flow that only nature itself can rival.

Listen to the player below and see if Nanga Parbat is an album that sates your urge for Ambient music. The album is only €2 and can be purchase from his Bandcamp profile. Click on the option on the player below and get your copy today.

Sound Paths by Wolfgang Gsell

Song Of The Wood by Wolfgang Gsell

Sound Paths by Wolfgang Gsell