Message From Andy LaPlegua Of Combichrist

Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist gives a special message in the wake of their tour through Europe with Filter, Lord Of The Lost, and Rabia Sorda. This tour comes on the heels of new releases from Combichrist, Filter, and Lord Of The Lost. The new album by Combichrist, This Is Where Death Begins, brings all the hard hitting beats of the band and this new music is a perfect fit for this tour.

Check out the message from the Combichrist front man and let him tell you what is in store for you with each of this concerts in Europe that will be one of the music experiences that will live on in the memories of each that attend. The new album and the concerts will be highlights of 2016 that shouldn't be missed.

One Fire 2LP Vinyl (+Picture LP!) by Combichrist

One Fire 2 CD Edition by Combichrist

Combichrist @ Wacken Open Air 2015