Magnificent Disorder Video by Awake For Days

Awake For Days is an Alternative-Black Metal band from Italy. For the past few years they have been gaining a growing fan base with the releases of their music. As word has spread about them and their music they thought it best to have something where people can hear their music in its fullest context. With this in mind, Awake For Days made a special video that presents all the music from their debut album and have it available on YouTube for people to listen to.

You can watch the video above and experience their first album as they had intended. Awake For Days hopes that you enjoy this special treat. The video shows which song you are on in their album, Magnificent Disorder, as you listen to the full 28 minutes and 38 seconds. For those that are easily lost, we have also placed the track list to this album below.

Tracks to the album, Magnificent Disorder by Awake For Days (Timestamps are where in the video they begin):
1. Archetype 0:00
2. Unsaved 3:40
3. Left Broken 6:59
4. Hatred 10:41
5. Nothing To Regret 14:07
6. Magnificent Disorder 18:15
7. Versus 22:33
8. All I Need 25:35

Magnificent Disorder can be purchased from CDBaby by clicking here .

Break Your Chains by Awake For Days

Nothing To Regret by Awake For Days

Left Broken by Awake For Days