Limited Edition Release of Metal by Global Citizen

Global Citizen gives a stunning remake of a classic Gary Numan song in a special format. A very limited release of this single is available on a 12-inch vinyl format for those that love good music.

Along with Gary Numan's classic Metal, Global Citizen has three additional tracks on this Limited Edition release. The first side of the vinyl (Side A) has Metal and Dirt. The back side of the album (Side B) comes with Whirlybird and a karaoke version of Metal. Each of these songs have been made with the superior standards in music that are sybolic to Global Citizen.

Listen to the video above and get a sample of the music that is on the Metal 12" Blue 180G Vinyl and get a good idea what you are in store for. Act quickly though as there will only be 250 copies released at the price of £10.00.

If you would like to get your copy of this special Global Citizen release, click here to go to the purchasing page.

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