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KMT by Resistent Project

Resistent Project brings their latest song for their fans to hear. Their style of Electronic music presents elements of Electro-Industrial, Dubstep, and many facets of Dance music. One of their latest releases, KMT, shows one of the directions this musical act is taking and how they are evolving. It is this evolution and the freedom to make music that fits the style symbolic to Resistent Project that has endeared this band to their fans. It is also this freedom in music that helps them explore avenues in music and help them progress in their voyage in the music world.

France has always been a breeding ground for Experimental and other areas of Electronic music. This can be seen in the music community there and how it has evolved over the past couple of decades. Resistent Project has always strived to be an active member of the French music world and to present this world to all the music lovers in the globe.

Listen on the player below and get a sampling of one of KMT. If you like music that explores new avenues and has a forceful rhythm in its beat, then Resistent Project is a band for you.

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