Interview With Richard Patrick Of Filter

Richard Patrick of Filter gives an in depth interview with hardDrive Radio. In this interview, Richard gives insight in the motivation and direction he had in creating Filter's latest album, Crazy Eyes. In addition, he explains about those involved and the liberties his label gave him so that he could ensure his vision in Crazy Eyes would remain true.

The interview also gives special glimpses in Richard's inspirations and ideas that lead to certain songs and the development of the sound that is in Crazy Eyes. In how he drew from the earlier days in Filter and how he sought to develop the same atmostphere and vibe in this latest album. It was this drawing from the past that led to the foundation of the music found in Crazy Eyes along with inspiration with some of the musical artists out today in the Industrial world of music.

Nine Inch Nails was the first launching board that Richard was a part of that gave him a glimpse to what was past the regional standards. It was this vault forward that gave him a better perception of the global theater of music. Richard Patrick gives some insight to his time and experiences with Nine Inch Nails. The interview presents some of the simularities between Richard and Trent Reznor in some of their tastes of music. It shows how Ministry and Skinny Puppy influenced both of them and Richard presents which songs in Pretty Hate Machine he influenced and which ones he preferred.

Richard explains about the course from Pretty Hate Machine through Broken and why he parted with Nine In Nails. It was at this point that he created Hey Man Nice Shot and Filter was born.

In a nutshell, Filter began as an Industrial themed band and now is returning to its aggressive Electronic roots. Crazy Eyes reflects on the style of music that is close to Richard Patrick's heart and is a direct translation of his talents in their most true form. Richard has always wanted to be more fast paced in the composition and development of his songs. Now that he is playing the style of music that is true to his core it is likely that Crazy Eyes is the new chapter in Filter that everyone in the Industrial banner of music will rejoice in.

Filter has been touring North America and in June 2016, they will be invading Europe for an epic tour. If you are part of Europe, this will be one tour you will not want to miss.

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