Halloween by Attrition

Attrition presents their latest release in time for All Hallowed Eve which is ironically titled, Halloween. This album comes from one of the truly gifted and legendary minds in the darker side of Electronic music.

Martin Bowes has been in all areas of the music world, but Attrition has always been his brain child where all of his greatest creations have been poured into masterfully forms songs. Each song is unique and has a distinct style that both reflects Martin's skills in composition and a depth in audio imagery that is rare to behold. This latest release, Halloween, is the next chapter in his trailblazing course through music.

A legend in its own right, Attrition has been one of the foundations for the past three decades in many facets of music. The band has been a driving force of inspiration to its fans, to other musicians, and to those that love to be exposed to music that is true to the composer with the listener's love of music in mind. Halloween is one of the perfect reflections of Martin's talents and in the direction that he has guided Attrition as a true standard in music.

Check out the player below and get a taste of the music genius in Attrition and be sure to get a copy of this latest release before Halloween comes and goes. If you would like to get your copy now you can either click on the player below or click here to go to the official Attrition Bandcamp page and get it for £7.97.

A Girl Called Harmony by Attrition

Silent Night by Attrition

One Horse Rider by Attrition