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Giving Thanks To Those That Matter

Music Eternal strives to be a global force in the world, but sometimes there are holidays in a country that are just too special to ignore. In the United States, every forth Thursday marks Thanksgiving. It is a day where giving thanks for what you have and those in your life that matter to you. It is symbolic of the Pilgrims that came to North America and were given a chance to thrive in the New World thanks to the help of the Natives. With Christmas in the following month and this endearing holiday in November, we thought it would be fitting to give thanks to one group that is part of the Music Eternal family. That one group is every person that comes to Music Eternal and donates a little bit of their time learning of the members of Music Eternal and listening to their music.

How will we honor you? For the rest of the year we will be presenting not one, but three Free Music posts. This is music from the Music Eternal family and others that you can legally obtain for your enjoyment. The only request that we will ever as for this is that you give praise to the music that you like to the respective artists. These are their creations that they have devoted time and energy in to forging for the world. Show them that their efforts have created enjoyment in your life and that their efforts matter.

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Moonlit by Level 2.0
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Event Horizon by Ferry Corsten & Cosmic Gate
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