From Amanda by The Gothsicles

The Gothsicles truly show how much fans matter to the musicians that live through their music. In October 2015, the song, From Amanda, was made as a special way for her to propose marriage to the man she loved. This gift through music was made from a band that symbolizes what empathy for others and love for fans means. If you are curious, her boyfriend, Seth, heard the song and accepted this special proposal from his betrothed.

Bands always find inspiration in special places, but to find it in a fan and dedicate the song their task is rare. To top it off, The Gothsicles have shared this gift to everyone. Yes, you can download the song for free and share in the love between Amanda and Seth as only The Gothisicles can present it.

The link to the free song you can go to The Gothsicles official Bandcamp page (just click here). We hope you enjoy this song and the spirit that it was made in.

The Gothsicles @ QXT's Night Club

The Gothsicles @ Area 51

The Gothsicles @ RavenCon 13.5