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Free Copy Of Brno (Original Mix) by Kolliders

Kolliders presented a challenge to their growing fan base and the reward was a free copy of this vibrantly beautiful song, Brno (Original Mix). This Austrian band has always strived to make the best music for those that love Trance music and want to have a fresh take on a style of music that has dominated the world.

The challenge presented by Kolliders was to have 1000 followers on Soundcloud. The met this goal with a number that continues to grow. In return they lived up their word and made is downloadable through Soundcloud for free for the those that love their direction in music.

Many thing of the power houses in a genre and often never know of the countless hidden gems in these respective genres of music. Kolliders has always been a duo that have presented impressive music and are gaining the attention that they deserve with the caliber of music that they create. You can hear the music above and discover this superb band's music. You can also click here to go through the steps to get this song for your collection. Don't worry it is painless to get this free song, all that you have to do is connect with Soundcloud and follow them on YouTube. A very small request for a song that anyone that likes Trance will want in their collection.

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