Electronic Saviors Volume 4 Pre-Order

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer have a special compilation that is almost due out to the world. This latest release will come in two versions, the regular and a premium version.

The standard release to Volume 4 will have 4 CDs packed with music from some of the greatest minds in the music world. The Premium version will have two additional CDs of music, a bumper sticker, purple wristband, autographed postcard, and an Our Clubhouse pamphlet.

Both versions of Volume 4 will be showcasing the artistic skills of Jeff Confer and Samantha Johnson. The artwork is among the best tied to an album and can be your with the purchase of Volume 4 of Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer. You can pre-order the Premium Edition for $50.00 USD by clicking here.

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer is a project by cancer survivor, Jim Semonik. Each volume that he has released through this project has reached a new standard in music presentation through the compilations as he has tried to create an amazing collection of music for the fans of Electronic music. The proceeds to this long standing venture of Jim’s go to helping find a cure for cancer. In other words, you get this amazing compilation of superb music and your money is going to a cause to make the world a better place. That is where your money can do good for you and countless others in the world.

The tracks per CD are found on the next page (or by clicking here for the standard 4 CDs and clicking here for the 2 CDs added to the Premium release).

Electronic Saviors Volume 4 Digital Bonus

Respect The Prime: 1986 Revisited

Revelation by AMBASSADOR21