Damage Video by Insight

Insight presents this special video to their song, Damage. This song is from their first album, A Light In The Darkness and shows their endearing approach to Electronic music. This song shows many of the elements in Synthpop that has made it a genre that endures the decades and shows beauty in each passing year.

Videos like the one shown above for Damage are special in that they are made by the artist of the song. Regardless if they are a high budget or a simple video, they give a light of the song in a visual method that only the actual artist can properly make. This is not meant to take away from other videos in the virtual world, but the artist is the one that was inspired to compose the song and the video shows the visual artistry from the song makers mind. In this respect, the video shows another perspective of what emotions were evoked in the creation of this superb song and conveys it for the one viewing the video.

Insight has always shown a true talent in their music and it is great that they took the time to create a video for Damage. The song is one that shows all the positive aspects to Electronic music and it is great that they made another medium to share this song to their growing fan base.

The video was created under the keen direction of ALexis Voice. He was the one that create the imagery and directed it to fit perfectly with this superb song by Insight.

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