Clint Carney's Dry Blood

System Syn's front man, Clint Carney's new movie, Dry Blood, had its exclusive screening on November 19th, 2016. This was one of the additions to the F.A.S.H. Film Festival and gained a massive level of acclaim. Clint has been expanding from the music world into the movie world and his movie, Dry Blood, was his major leap into the cinema world. As the writer and actor, he presented all of his intellect and presence into this horror movie and helped establish himself as more than many may have expected.

There have been many musicians that have explored other avenues for them to focus their creative talents. Most of the times they hit directing or acting. Clint Carney hit a combination that is not common in movies as both the screen writer and the main actor to Dry Blood. The movie has already gained a large level of praise from critics and from the F.A.S.H. Film Festival as well. The film has already earned nominations for best director, best writer, best actor. If the latter two are won by Dry blood these would be two awards that will be earned for Clint Carney. These awards will be a perfect tribute to a gifted musician that has put his heart into another artistic en devour.

Many of his supporters and fans are hoping that this film earns all three awards. Dry Blood is the perfect launching board for Clint, a person that puts everything he is into each project. Many people in the world hope that he is able to make this leap forward and achieve one more dream that he has shared with all that are his fans.

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