Cheerleaders by Caramella Girls

The Caramella Girls are back with their latest full song, Cheerleaders. This song is their latest Electronic dance themed song that can only be found on Remixed Records. The song shows all the vibrant energy and the uplifting cheer that symbolizes Caramella Girls.

Caramella Girls have always strived to present videos that show the best aspects of their music and the visuals that they feel best represent them as a band. It is the captivating colors, the anime themed visuals, and their positive charge to their music that makes them one of the gems of YouTube. It is also this powerful combination that not only elevated the Caramella Girls into the hearts of their many fans, but made them one of the staples in what YouTube can present to those that love all facets of music.

Cheerleaders is the latest addition to the arsenal of music by the Caramella Girls and shows that they still have a lot of great music to present to the world. Check out the video above and get their newest sampling of their slice of the music world.

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