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Candy Girl Video by Caramella Girls

The Caramella Girls have recently released the video to their latest song, Candy Girl. The melody is a revamp of Aqua’s Barbie Girl, but presented in a way that is truly unique to Caramella Girls.

Aqua presented their song that had a vibrant dance beat and was a bit of a satire of the Barbie merchandise and how it was presented to the consumer world. Some liked it and some disliked it. Regardless of the individual views it had an impact in the mainstream world of music and was played on the radio and in various dance clubs.

Candy Girl is one that is very similar to the original except that it is centered on the Caramella Girls and not on the Barbie doll. This distinction makes the song more focused on a more playful tone and less on a series of products. It is this one difference that shows the fun nature of the band and their preference to share a cheer in the overall music. Is it better than Barbie Girl? Listen above and see how if differs and if it is more appealing to you.

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