Attrition Vs TyLean: Silent Night

Attrition and TyLean present two special renditions of a Christmas classic, Silent Night. These two tracks are presented in their release, Attrition Vs TyLean: Silent Night.

The two track gives different approaches that show the unique flavors in Martin Bowes and TyLean. The songs capture different facets of their styles and show them in a way that gives the listener a good feel to their musical flavors. The track by Attrition gives a creative and haunting approach that will leave many speechless by the way that this Christmas song has been shaped into something never heard in any Christmas song book. TyLean gives her equisite vocals a chance to present a version of Silent Night that would warm even the coldest of nights. The tracks can be ontained on the official Attrition Bandcamp profile (by clicking here or by clicking on the player below). The tracks are free as a gift from both of these gifted artists to their devoted fans.

A Girl Called Harmony by Attrition

Silent Night by Attrition

One Horse Rider by Attrition