A Special Deal On The Full Discography Of Microwaved

Microwaved has one heck of an offer for the music world! You can purchase their full discography for $9.74 USD. That is 7 albums for less than most artists charge for one album! An offer like this is something that should never be passed up.

If you like Electro-Industrial and all that makes this genre tick, then you will love Microwaved. Gabe Wilkinson is the heart and soul of Microwaved. He has worked for most of his life in this genre and other genres in the Industrial and Metal worlds striving to be one of the factors to take this area of music to new heights. His career has afforded him to work with an impressive list of artists ranging from Slipknot to Hate Dept. to Sister Machine Gun. One of his focuses in Microwaved was to take this massive amount of experience and forge his own music for all fans of these genres.

Some may wonder why Gabe would put all of his creations in a massive deal like this. All this hard work and time devoted to making 7 albums and to sell them at such a huge discount. Gabe loves what he does and has every design to ensure that his creations are there for the fans of Industrial music. It is this love for what he does which inspired him to sell these albums in this deal. In that respect, he is offering this chunk of his life in the form of music so that you can enjoy a chapter in music that might be overlooked.

Microwaved has had a large number of good songs and has always been set at a standard that Gabe holds in all music projects he works on. This level of excellence shows in his music which makes this deal that much better. Gabe has something extra in this package of all of his music in the form of some bonus material that can only be obtained in purchasing all 7 albums together.

If you would like to sample what Microwaved has to offer, listen to the player below. If you are set to purchase this collection of music, then click here to go to the Bandcamp page for Microwaved . The offer for all 7 releases can be found on the left hand side of the page. This deal may be a limited time offer so be sure to get it as soon as you can before it’s over.

Phantom Whisper (Ft. Ivan Russia) by Microwaved

Jesse Remixed by Microwaved

A Microwaved Playlist