:Wumpscut:'s Wüterich Remix Challenge

Rudy Ratzinger of :Wumpscut: has made a special challenge for the music world at large. Download the source files for Wüterich and make your remix of this latest creation. If it is one of the best that Rudy hears he will include it in the production of the album release that will have Wüterich. These winners of this challenge will also be awarded with exclusive free Wüterich products that will be tied to the album's release.

This is the rare chance to not only have the sagely ears of Rudy hear your creative expression of one of his songs, but a chance to have your remix tied to a :Wumpscut: release. If this has perked your interest, click on the links below and download the three files that are tied to this challenge. There is a deadline of December 31st, 2015. Please work on this as soon as possible as that date will be here before you know it. Send your completed works in MP3 format to Rudy via e-mail (rudyr@gmx.de).

Click Here To Download Zip File 1
Click Here To Download Zip File 2
Click Here To Download MIDI File

Christfuck by :Wumpscut:

Hang Him Higher by :Wumpscut:

We Believe, We Believe by :Wumpscut: