This Earth Is Our Earth by Wolfgang Gsell

Wolfgang Gsell has always been an artist that has presented heart felt melodies and stunning visuals. It is these two qualities that show the depth of the artist that lives within his heart and is a tribute to his passion to the world he lives in. It is this love for the world and all that are a part of it that inspired him to make this video that looks past the differences of all and looks at the common attributes within each of us. The foundation to this commonality is that we all live on this ball of earth, water, and life we call the Earth. This video is a tribute to the world that he takes photos of and is moved to make music that he shares with the world.

"This Earth Is Our Earth • Diese Erde ist unsere Erde This earth is our Earth . Not the earth of Christians, Muslims , Hindus, Buddhists or Jews . It is not the earth of atheists , capitalists or socialists . It is not the earth of the rich speculators , bankers or landowners . It is not the earth of Germans , Russians, Chinese , Americans , Israelis or whoever . This earth is our Earth and we must try together to deal with these small, vulnerable planet with respect and gratitude . It is our common home ."

- Wolfgang Gsell

Words by one of the artists of the world for all of those that his music has touched. They are the words that are tied to his song, This Earth Is Our Earth. A song which is a tribute to the world that we all call home and one that is such a huge part of his expression in music and photography.

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