The Muse Trailer by Anna Aliena

Anna Aliena has presented a special trailer of the songs from her upcoming EP, The Muse. This highly antisipated release will give a fresh dose of 6 songs from this gifted vocalist. The Muse has a set release date of October 30th, 2015 and will be presented to the world through Go!Diva Records.


The trailer presents a glimpse of each of these six songs and the stunning vocals that only Anna Aliena can present. The Dark Cabaret feel of the music combined with the creative talents of presented in this trailer show the potential and the beauty in this upcoming release. Be sure to keep an eye out on Music Eternal as we will have further news on the upcoming release as it becomes available on this gift German singer.


The tracks on Anna Aliena's, The Muse, that are presented on the Trailer are:
1. Die Muse
2. Sasha
3. The Muse
4. Deine Blauen Augen
5. I'm Gonna Fly Away
6. Tvoje Plave Oči

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