The Crüxshadows On Adventure Quest!

Adventure Quest is proud to present The Crüxshadows as special guests to their virtual world of magic, epic tales, and friendship among all their players. This event will be starting in the Adventure Quest Worlds on the evening of October 30th, 2015!

The Crüxshadows arrival to the Adventure Quest Worlds will be tied to the ultimate 5-act in-game concert that will take place in the Sandsea desert! This "Mogloween" is the time to join the band, the entire staff of Adventure Worlds, and countless thousands for this concert that will be a virtual concert that will regret missing!

Concerts in all parts of the world, over 18 CDs, a DVD, and being involved with some of the elite compilations. The Crüxshadows have shown the world that they are a band that is there for their music and the countless of fans to their songs. This is their gift to the Adventure Quest world and to their fans. A concert that only a select few artists have ever performed at that you can experience at your home. Visit the Adventure Quest World and be part of this event before it is too late.

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Of Angels by The Crüxshadows

Anmis Christmas (2019 Revox) by The Crüxshadows

Silent Night by The Crüxshadows