Tackle Box Is The Squid Lid Halloween Treat

Squid Lid bring something special on the Halloween of 2015. Their latest album, Tackle Box, will be hitting the world. This album will be showing the unique style of Squid Lid as they reach into the depths of the music ocean to present their Electronic masterpiece. The album has a ton of charged songs that can rival the epic live performances of this spectacular band.

Tackle Box brings forth songs like, Figment Shifter, that have a fluid electronic feel merged with a foreboding tone to make for a dark and murky atmosphere. Manta Ray Bait shows a harder edge to the music that is a perfect one-two with the hard driven pulse in Shark Club. Fevered Krewe gives a more trance feel that is more flowing in the delivery of its elegant melody. As you listen to the player below you will see that it doesn't end there. Wave Gage and a number of the other songs bring forth aspects with an almost naughty funk feel to the Electronic music that could be a kin to that of bands like Lords Of Acid, Genitorturers, and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. These bands had songs that are seen to live beyond any era of music. Squid Lid shows that they are among this group of artists in scope, but have their own distinct direction. Tackle Box shows the depth of talent and direction that they truly have.

After listening to Tackle Box you decide that you need to have this catch before its October 31st release, then we have the perfect solution. Suid Lid has it as an ablum that can be purchased through Negative Gain Productions, just click here and make Tackle Box yours!

Manta Ray Bait by Squid Lid

Shark Club by Squid Lid

Deus by Hypermond.