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TONTTU's Profile Has Their Album Covers In The Photos

TONTTU have been one of the bands in the world that have made both impressive music and have shown a perspective in their presentation that truly stands out. The music has a profound combination of Folk and Industrial all wrapped in a Metal format. To top it all off, this music is the sniper scope to their war on the Gnomes that ravage the world.

This week Music Eternal is proud to announce that the photo section of their profile now has all their album covers within it. This way people can see the amazing visuals that have been created for the albums that contain all of their songs. If you like what you see, you can get their albums via their label, Panicmachine! The best route you can take to get TONTTU's music is to go to the official site to the label (Click here).

TONTTU has used their music as a presentation of their war on gnomes and has had this series of battles represented in a special fashion through their music. This is a venture into the imagination of some truly gifted artists that present a world through visuals and music that few would fathom to attempt. It is this road less taken that has given them a growing following of people that admire the direction of TONTTU and the style of their music.

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Red Light (Featuring Maethelyiah) by Global Citize
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