Synthetik Visions Radio Update

Synthetik Visions Radio has been undergoing some upgrades. This has caused some downtime, but they have vowed to have it up by the evening of August 2nd, 2015.

The reason for the upgrades was to help have the site more on a dedicated system that will have much more stability than what they had prior. They want to ensure their fans have the best station and this is one of the steps they have done to ensure that their standards remain a reality.

There have also been rumors that Synthetik Visions Radio has some special new shows planned that will help showcase the depth of the music collection they have and to give a broader variety to the listening pleasures of their fans. They will still hold the standard of providing the best in Electronic music that the world has to offer.

Thank You Synthetik Visions Radio

Synthetik Visions Radio Is Back On Air!