Stoneman's Lolita Is A Song With A Powerful Message

Be among the first to check out the latest video of the Industrial Rock powerhouse, Stoneman. Lolita shows all the best qualities that have made Stoneman a fan favorite throughout Europe. The hard rifts, the electronic influences, and the powerful vocals give Lolita a type of energy that lingers even when the song has finished playing.

Stoneman's Lolita hits a very emotional chord in the message it gives in the video. At 3:20 the video presents information that should hit the heart strings of every person that has any level of empathy. Every 10 seconds a report of child abuse or neglect is filed. In other words, multiple reports have been filed as you have read this. This is a brutal truth that Stoneman is presenting in this video in the hopes that the people drawn to their music will learn this information. Knowledge is power and Stoneman are using their song, Lolita, to educate and enlighten people to this harsh truth.

The first step in any problem is to admit there is one. Stoneman have presented the problem so that all of us as a global community can see it for the reality it is. As they say at the end of the video, "Stoneman fans united show child abuse your middle finger!" Children should never be neglected or abused, they are the core foundation of the future. How should the future be forged, with apathy or with love? Stoneman presents it all two screenshots within the video and a song that reflects the emotion and talent that this band harbors. Check out the video above and be sure to share it to all those that you know.

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