Robb Blak, A DJ And So Much More

Robb Blak showed his worth as a member of the music world with his superior DJing skills each Thursday when he does Blak Magik on Synthetik Visions Radio. This past weekend he went above and beyond with making his last show available for free download. It was his way of saying thank you to the masses out there that support his shows and all the work he devotes to the music community.

Robb has something extra for the music world that will be present later this evening. A gift for all those that love his sets and love Trance music. Is it another DJing set? No, it is something that was made from the creative talents harbored within Robb Blak. Stay tuned and see what he has been making for those that love what he does.

For those that missed out on his free show, you can find it here in the Two Cents section of Music Eternal!

Blak Magik Musik Podcast 027

Blak Magik Musik Podcast 026

Blak Magik Musik Podcast 025