Red Light (Featuring Maethelyiah) by Global Citizen

Global Citizen has joined forces with Maethelyiah to make a remake of an addictive classic, Red Light. This song originally crafted by Siouxsie Á The Banshees has been remade into a modern marvel. The song brings all the feel of the original, but with a vitalizing jolt in the approach that Global Citizen has given to it.

The style of the remake by Global Citizen is impressive and the vocals of Maethelyiah add an element that pays true tribute to Siouxsie Sioux. They overall feel of the song is a haunting tone that words may never do proper justice to express.

If you like the music that was symbolic to Siouxsie And The Banshees and love good remakes then this is a song that will be a must for your collection. Below is a list of all the options you have to obtain this remake of a timeless song.

Stream/Download (FREE!): Soundcloud
Black With Red Splatter 7-Inch Vinyl (Limited 250 Pressing): Global Citizen Official Store
Black With Red Splatter 7-Inch Vinyl (Limited 250 Pressing): Glory Á Honour Music Sales (UK)

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