Physical Release Of Uncaged by AM Tierpark

As of October 6th, 2015, physical copies of AM Tierpark's album is available for pruchase. This new album, Uncaged, brings a heartfelt magic from the musical minds of Claus Larsen and John R. Mirland.

The video above is the official video to the song, A Step Too Far. This is one of the many songs on Uncaged that show not only the talent of this Danish duo, but the emotions they pour into their music. This release by AM Tierpark is one that will be a standard bearer for Synthpop for the years to come.

Below you can see where we have provided you a means of getting either a digital copy or a physical copy of this amazing album for yourself via Amazon.

This release comes with the following tracks:
1. A Step Too Far (4:26)
2. No One Can Be Changed (4:19)
3. I've Had Enough (4:36)
4. The First Stone (4:42)
5. Indestructable (4:57)
6. The World Will Smile At Me (4:16)
7. Lost In Flesh (4:42)
8. A Love Forbidden (4:17
9. Sleeping Gods (4:39)
10. The Shadows Won't Hide Us Tonight (5:23)
11. Tension (4:42)
12. Not That Kind Of Guy (5:17
13. Sensitive (4:44)
14. Going Home (4:15)
15. Walk This Earth (4:47)

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